Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Compromise = Change

The business of creating change is an uncomfortable place to live... and exciting as all get-out!

Working at a law firm I witness the attorneys of my firm accomplishing incredible change for their clients almost every day. The lawyers of my firm push innovative ideas, dismantle old beliefs and make risking everything seem easy... and it works!

So, when I can bring the lawyers at my firm to a similar point in marketing related ways I am elated! It means I have brought them to the brink of change. Either my attorneys will take a new (marketing) step forward or choose to retreat back into their comfort zone.

This is the risk I accept as a marketer at a law firm. If the attorneys accept the challenge of change I have much to do. If my attorneys retreat toward a comfort zone I had better start considering my longevity.

My challenge for myself, and for all law firm marketers, is that I/we never stop challenging our firm to move forward, in the same way my lawyers never stop challenging our clients.

Can we do anything less?

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