Friday, March 12, 2010

Social Networking, #LMA10 and Law Firm Marketing

I did not attend the 2010 Legal Marketing Association Conference in Denver this year, but I definitely know what was going on there and more importantly, I learned some of the key bits of knowledge being transferred there by expert speakers and panelists.

The conference planners created #LMA10 via Twitter -- throughout the conference attendees were tweeting live about what they were witnessing, experiencing and learning. The share was awesome and I learned along with them! Certainly it was not as robust an experience as being there in-person but I caught enough to find real value.

I am not sure what lesson to take away from this experience that will be relevant to creating opportunities for my law firm, but there HAS to be a gem in this moment.

Being part of the (social networking) conversation absolutely matters... how social networking will create opportunities for my lawyers still remains just outside my grasp. But I am working on it... my epiphany is moments away.

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