Monday, January 31, 2005

Is Your Marketing Strategy a "Me Too"

Branding expert James Archer penned an interesting commentary that should be of interest to 90% of professional services firms. His commentary includes,

"It’s nearly impossible to differentiate yourself clearly and accurately in a newspaper or magazine ad. Coke and Nike and Apple can do it because they’ve got the funding to saturate the world we live in, but for a small business that can only afford to run a few scattered ads at a time, the cumulative effect amounts to almost nothing.

So we need to find alternative ways to stick in someone’s head, and networking is the most powerful way to do that. Talk to people. Help people. Make genuine friends. Rid yourself of the notion of “customers,” and you’ll yourself with a lot of fans who happen to want to pay you."

I wrote earlier this month that too many partners base their marketing knowledge on the practices of their clients, which for the most part, are not professional services firms....

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