Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Honesty is Fun (and good for business)

Admitting our weaknesses, especially to the people we serve, allows them to treat you with kindness and understanding. That's empathy. It's a good thing. Yes, your clients would like for you to be 'super-attorney' and 'super-CPA', AND, they would also like to know they are working with someone they can relate to. It always works best in a relationship if both sides are offered the opportunty to practice forgiveness. Jason Calacanis over at Weblogs, Inc. demostrates that honesty is fun (and good for business) here, then here, and finally here.

Graphic Artists are Crazy

I might know. I am one. But, not like, "Wooo Hooooo, la la la la la, put me in a rubber room!!" Go online and look at any portfo...