Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Standing Ovation at Last for Marketing

First, let me say that all marketing surveys are flawed; and let me add that I only agree with surveys if they report something I want to hear. This one does. As reported by the Institute of International Research marketing will be the most important area of expertise for the next-generation of business leaders. It's about time!

A good business leader needs to be well versed in most areas of business. A particular skill that marketing puts in a leadership tool belt is the ability to step back and see the big picture. I believe great marketers and great leaders have developed their talent to see all of the parts moving at once, so that if one part is moved, changed or adapted, they have the ability to know its effect on everything else.

If you'd like to further develop your big picture skills, or would like to test the abilities you already have; try playing a computer strategy game like Sim City, or Age of Empires. These 'games' require significant attention to detailed manipulation of parts/people in order to create big picture outcomes.

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