Thursday, May 12, 2005

What Are You Worth?

"Products, price thyselves?" This is exactly what you should be doing...but are you? Remember. You are the product.

When you walk into a store, select an item off the shelve, and take it to the register; there is no negotiation. The price is printed right on the item. That's what it is worth for the store to allow you to walk out with it. Notice what I just wrote. "That is what it is worth for the store..." The "store" does not care if you believe you are getting a good value for the money you've surrendered. That's your thing to figure out.

The same holds true for attorneys and accountants. You, the partner/professional, determine what you are worth. It's up to the prospective client to decide for themselves if there is value in the deal.

I know that pricing and rates are significantly more complex (or at least they seem to be most of the time) than the simple dynamics above. But there is a real truth up there that so many people overlook. And the "truth" is; YOU get to decide what you are worth.

Negotiations are not nearly as tough when you approach them with a healthy sense of self-worth. You have value, you bring value. Stand up for it!

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