Friday, May 13, 2005

What is a “Professional Network”

I get asked this question a lot. Not because people don’t know, but because we lose sight of why we’re doing it. Sometimes the distance between contact and result is so long we wonder if we’re doing the right things. And like a good professional, we are simply stopping to check in with someone else and verify our direction.

When I’m asked, this is my answer. Your professional network (or business relationship network) are the people you know that will answer your calls. Not just contacts, as in; “I’ve met them a time or two.” More importantly, these are people that would be willing to help you accomplish something…like:
  • Sharing leads and referrals
  • Making introductions
  • Finding a new position
  • Closing a business deal
  • Being involved in your community
A name on a contact list is not enough. Your professional network is an immediate resource for reaching your goals. They will make every effort to come through for you and you desire to do the same for them.

Maybe the simplest name to give to the people that make up your professional network is; Friends.

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