Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Every Audience Has Different Eyes

As previously announced I am working at Rutan & Tucker and this thing about "perceived image" has come up a couple of times. Depending on the audience I'm listening to the "image" of this great firm keeps changing.
  • Internally they perceive the quality of the firm they are (true believers) but definitely feel the rest of the business world has passed them over (we're here but no one can see us)
  • In the legal community they are the 100 pound gorilla. I hear comments like, "why would they need someone like you? They're already at the top."
  • Among other service providers Rutan is a big firm with a great reputation... "but I don't seem to do a whole lot of deals with them."
The journey, and a fun one at that, will be to bring all of the perceived firms together and make them one. The best part is it's not the firm that needs reinventing... it's a market that needs to be reintroduced to a firm that's already there.

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