Friday, June 24, 2005

(mis)Leading the Competition

The ageless tendency to do things because "they've" (insert name of competitor) done it is not going away any time soon. It's the part in us that hates looking silly... if "they've" done it and it appeared not to have bitten them in the butt, then we can do it. Even more; We SHOULD be doing it too. Here and here are a couple of great posts that look at this tendency.

Now, let me share a twisty little marketing strategy secret with you. If your competition makes their marketing moves based on what they see others (you) doing then you might ultimately be able to predict what they'll do. It's like the mouse that hung the bell on the cat's collar....

The best part is; even as I share this tiny little secret, I trust in human nature. Even with foreknowledge my competitors will still watch each other like a hawk and venture forth only when they see someone else has "done it" and survived. This is how trends are born.

Remember - you can only lead from the front of the herd; not from the middle.

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