Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Analogy I Can Love

Diva Marketing announced the arrival of Diva Teresa Caro, and like a good soldier I trot off to see what she has to say. And in her first sentence I am captured! Her words read, "So, why is affiliate marketing like dating?" I cannot think of a better reason to like someone than to know that we share a common belief. So many times I've used the dating analogy that I've even linked to dating books as instruction manuals for law firm partners.

I don't know all that Teresa Caro will have to say... but for now; ROCK ON DIVA TERESA!

Graphic Artists are Crazy

I might know. I am one. But, not like, "Wooo Hooooo, la la la la la, put me in a rubber room!!" Go online and look at any portfo...