Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gone Fishing

Words most professional services marketers have heard time and time again; "If you can just get me in front of them... I can close the deal."

The whole experience is much like fishing with a rookie in an unknown lake without a fish-finder (yes, such a devise is manufactured.... Isn't technology amazing?). And, just for those that might get hung up on the "rookie" reference, this is an analogy without inference of character.

The rookie wants to catch his/her first fish and is certain that if one can be gotten to the hook, he/she can reel it in. The more experienced person will need to do all of the things it takes to get a fish near the rookie's hook. Gather the right gear, put the boat in the water, understand the weather and water conditions, look for likely spots where fish hang out, select the right lines and lures, and finally point at the spot in the water where the rookie will cast to.

Sounds a lot like marketing for a law firm. And, when it comes to getting the fish in the boat; partners ARE really good at landing 'em. They have to be. It's the only way they'll survive in business.

The profession of marketing is all about being excellent at finding the fish. Just like with people in the markets we target, I suspect most of the time the fish would prefer not to be found. And, once found, not every fish in a school will chase your offering.

Not sure what all of this means, but it's fun to explore intangible processes. And, come Tuesday morning, instead of going to work, I'm going fishing.

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