Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On Becoming a Star Attorney

Fast Company released an article so packed with great ideas I giggled the whole way through it. The article, titled "Are You a Star at Work", could very well be named, "The Fast Track to Business Development for Attorneys".

Much of this article revolves around building a foundation of quality relationships as the accelerant for everything else you'll hope to accomplish. As an attorney looking for mentoring on building a practice, simply replace the word "company" (as this particular article is based on building an internal reputation) with "business community". Everything works perfect.

I especially enjoyed the "back of the t-shirt" theory. "...it's not what people bring to the party that makes them a star - it's what they do with what they bring." That one line could be a mantra. How many attorneys lean too heavily on their bio's, education statistics, etc. and are confused that prospective clients and relationships don't leap into the fold.

I am ecstatic that Fast Company can get so much great information into such a short article, and yet sad to see so much blogging material revealed all at once. So... how many "star's" will be born today?

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