Thursday, July 21, 2005


Can there ever be too many tips, ideas, or new thinking on how to improve PowerPoint presentation. I think NOT. Yesterday I sat in on a lunch session by an software company pitching an online tool to event planners. 90 minutes of a presenter reading from his slides so packed with words that in order to say anything not already on the screen he was explaining meanings of words. He lost me pretty early when he felt he needed to explain to his audience what a hyperlink on a web page is (I think my ears and nose started to bleed).

This countdown clock trick that Tom Kane links to in his post of tips and tricks is particularly slick. Of course there is always Cliff Atkinson over at Beyond Bullet Points.... Yesterday he offered some interesting ideas on presentation innovation in the courtroom.

I did like the software product and may give it a trial run. I'm going to trust that the software company's software writing strengths are as strong as their presentation skills are weak.

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