Saturday, July 09, 2005

Seeing the Whole Battlefield

The legal marketing competitive landscape in Orange County... and Southern California, is about to get a bit hotter.

First, the regions largest law firm (yet the one with the lowest profile) hires me. What is significant about that move is not whom they hired, but that they hired someone at a perceived level... a CMO (I do hope I fulfill their greatest expectations!).

Next, in a few weeks we will add another very experienced and savvy marketing person to the Rutan roster (a team is formed). And, without disclosing the exact initiative, we've launched a program that will capture a particular legal vertical for the firm. GOSH THIS FUN! So much to do and never enough time!

Being new at a firm has an inherent marketing advantage. Without bias or prejudice I can see the entire marketplace with the eyes of the "unknowing without opinion". This is important because once anyone gets too deep within the "forest" it's extremely difficult to be originally creative.

Right now I enjoy the advantage of "vision" over any competitor in my marketplace. My job is to work my advantage as quickly as I can while everyone is watching and wondering what I will do.

This ride is going to be a HOOT! I encourage you to check in here from time to time and read about the ride. I don't believe you'll be disappointed.

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