Monday, July 11, 2005

Spyware Doctor

Starting at about noon on Sunday I went to battle against some sort of malware that hijacked my computer; I must have been speeding on the internet highway. So let the battle begin....

I have McAfee and Microsoft Antispyware running at all times on my system.. and in most instances I run Firefox as my browser. For just one or two sites from time to time I run Internet Explorer because not all is yet perfect in the Firefox window. Oops.

Suddenly my internet blocking warnings are firing off like fireworks on the Fourth of July. I met the enemy and we fought. Down we tumbled through fire and ice (last line borrowed from the Lord of the Rings) until I smote him....

The key to my victory; Spyware Doctor. I ran multiple system scans; sweeps and purges. I journeyed into my registry and deleted away at the advise of many a bulletin board guru, but none prevailed until I ran Spyware Doctor.

Somewhere in the darkness a band of software warriors labor away to bring freedom to the helpless and hapless among us. They wage a war without end but they only call themselves Doctors. Thank you. March on to freedom.