Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Rant about Narrow Vision

At the Law Firm Business Development blog written by Jim Hassett he posted: “Stop marketing, start selling”, after reviewing a study by the ALM and Brand Research. I never like standing in the way of a good healthy airing of an opinion, but when he stated in the article: “…if you’re ever forced to choose between spending 100% of your money on marketing or 100% on sales, pick sales”, I decided his perspective was a bit unbalanced.

Until the mid-1980’s law firms did not ‘market’. Before marketers were added to the mix, law firms did spend 100% of their development dollars on sales ! The phenomenal rise in competition in the legal industry can be directly correlated to the growth of law firms using professional marketing strategies and tactics.

I believe professional sales practices and (sometimes) non-attorney salespeople are vital to the success and survival of a law firm. But to say that sales is all that may be needed is a throwback to a much earlier time and wishful thinking.

And one more thing, the narrow opinion of “marketing” as fussing over brochures, graphics and giving a few speeches tells me the author has not experienced the advantage of working with any of the many marketing professionals that ARE bringing so much growth to the industry.
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