Thursday, September 22, 2005

Guest Post at Thom Singer Blog

My posting of late has been sporadic. The experience of bringing things along at Rutan & Tucker is proving to be a large, but wonderful task. Today was a key decision point. At a meeting this morning we discussed some critical, visual and visceral elements in the refreshing of the Rutan brand. I slept only a few hours last night as my mind was busy processing, over and over again, the business case for the changes I would propose. Even after reaching out to so many professional friends to check my thinking and test my proposals I still worried it into a sleepless night.

And today, after the meeting is over.... Well that is another story for a time not too far from now. But tonight I will sleep good.

In the meantime, Thom Singer, an excellent marketing mind, author and blogging colleague is hosting a post of mine at his site, ""SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED"---- The Business Development / Networking Blog". Of course I'd like you to read what I wrote, but don't stop there. Thom is as innovative a thinker as is out there these days. And do yourself a favor, BUY HIS JUST RELEASED BOOK, "Some Assembly Required"!

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