Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Short Rant on Assumptions

Here is the comment: "Most blogs are created with commercial interests in mind." It was made in a post by Alex at myeasyblog. I certainly don't wish to condemn many of the great posts that Alex has available for his readers... just this one stated assumption.

I read the line with interest and then toddled off to technorati.com to do a quick survey of the tags they're tracking. Then a side trip to Live Journal (most of their users are 15 to 25 years old); to MySpace where 4.5 million "spaces" have been created by consumers; then to the French Skyblog where they're currently hosting over 2.9 million sites, primarily, again, the under 25 crowd.

Graphic Artists are Crazy

I might know. I am one. But, not like, "Wooo Hooooo, la la la la la, put me in a rubber room!!" Go online and look at any portfo...