Friday, September 30, 2005

Variety is the Spice of Marketing Opportunity

I attended a meeting today of an association. It was an annual event where the leadership of the association introduces their sponsorship packages for the coming year (in this case '06). Everyone in the room (about 24 people) was from a law firm.

What a wonderful variety! On appearance alone I would not have guessed that collectively the group were all law firm marketers or marketing partners. Some were resplendent in high dollar business suits (men and women). Some looked like their uniform of the day was decided in the mail room. Some looked geeky and out of place while others had an air of indifference. Very eclectic.

In the Q&A even greater variety emerged. The association has a multi-tiered program with multiple choices within each tier. Each marketer revealed their focus by the types of information they sought. Some focused on eminence; some on networking. Some seemed only interested in golfing. There were a few that sounded like prestige was their target, while others were looking for the bargains.

In total it was obvious this random, eclectic group would probably never butt heads in the open market (for the most part) because they were each focused on different avenues for creating opportunity. I feel this is a wonderfully good thing.

With so many attorneys and firms out there in the free market trying to build their name (and billings) it is refreshing to be reminded that there is room for all of us to play successfully. There were a couple of firms in the room that I know I will go head-to-head against... But there is another 90% of the "competition" I don't have to worry about.

And because the people that are doing the marketing are so different as individuals I'm certain we will all have different approaches (which attracts different clients).

Variety is good for all of us and each of us.
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