Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Marketing and Women Rainmakers

I received an email in a chain response to a larger circle of marketers that recommended a list of tips called, “20 Marketing Tips for Women Rainmakers”. I was disappointed by some of what I found after following the link and reading the list. Here is a quick summary of the points I felt needed some adjustment.
  • Ask for the work – This is a business development/sales tip. This is the question to ask when a specific opportunity is being discussed in a selling situation.
  • Tell people you would like to have them as a client and ask how you could achieve that goal – Another sales tactic. When I think of marketing I think of receptions and events. A shotgun approach like this at a marketing event would not generally receive warm responses.
  • Throw out lines as early and often as you can. You never know when you are going to catch a big fish. – See above. Business networking is quite different than hanging out in singles bars.
  • Be open to business development opportunities no matter where you are. Tell everyone you meet that you are a lawyer and would like to help them with their legal needs. – Does this just sound darn scary or what?
  • Let people know your flexibility in terms of financial arrangements. – And this is even scarier! Discussing price right up front is a sure sign to prospects that you’re not confident enough as a lawyer to be worth your full rate.
Most of what was included in this list could be directed at anyone without regard of gender.

Now, to be a good sport as a critic I have asked three of the most successful women in professional services to write their tips that I will publish here. What they will definitely focus on is marketing and business development tips specifically for women. Ideas and well learned lessons that offer a gender edge. I’m looking forward to making their advise available.

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