Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Internal Marketing Rollout Update

I did my first presentation to the non-attorney staff of the firm yesterday at noon. Short story: When I was done they applauded! Yah! Applauded. (Note to self: do not let it go to your head, do not let it go to your head.)

They asked serious questions about timing, logistics, and customer impressions. They wondered if the attorneys would be on-board. And they willingly wanted to be champions of the change!

So.... This can't be a valuable post unless I search for the why's and how's of this presentation working this one time so far. Here is what I think:
  • I changed "branding" to "reputation" to explain why a change was needed.
  • I was up front about the research supporting the current "reputation" of the firm.
  • The slides held limited information. Lots of visual with few words. The story they heard came from me. Not by reading it on a screen.
  • I briefly explained the "bell curve" to acknowledge that not everyone is the same and some in the room worked with attorneys at the narrow ends (they seemed to like that).
  • I was emphatic that the people of the firm did not have to change, but instead that the marketing would change to match the people of the firm.
  • I acknowledged that other staff in the firm would "want to know everything" right away from anyone that had seen the presentation. I asked the first group to be honest, good or bad, about what they thought.
  • I openly cared about their feelings about this change. It matters to me what they think and I let them know it.
There were a few partners in the room, and I noticed the times their eyebrows raised as they questioned the words I chose to tell the story. But the result was unanimous. I gained a room full of ambassador's in the quest to make this change stick.

Tomorrow is meeting number two of three with the staff. I can only hope it goes as well.

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