Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sneak Peak at a Branding Presentation

Tomorrow is BIG DAY number one of three. Possibly the biggest day. Tomorrow is the first of three lunch meetings where I roll out the refreshed look of Rutan for the staff of the firm. Whether it sizzles or shines the news will travel faster than dating rumors in junior high school. I am pretty sure the PowerPoint is on target. Very few words, big on visceral impressions.

And my sneak peak for you is the opener. The first slide simply asks, "who is routine?" I will ask everyone to stand up and introduce themselves to someone at least one table away from where they sat. Of course, everyone in the room already knows each other, but once they are seated I will offer them the reminder that THEY are routine. It will create some laughter, much noise and babble, a bit of discomfort, and ultimately I hope, an attentive audience.

It has been THE goal in refreshing the look and feel of Rutan to create something that looks and feels exactly like the firm Rutan already is. It is so much easier to create a look that matches the people, than to try and get people to match a look. One step, not two.

I will report later how it goes. I am hopeful of positive results. If not, I may become a full-time blogger trying to extend the income potential of being an Amazon Associate site.

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