Friday, November 04, 2005

Law Firm Holiday Cards

I went into the Business Development Committee meeting with an agenda packed full of decisions that would need discussion... long discussions. One meeting item was revealing my recommendation for the holiday card for the firm. The choice was reviewed and confirmed in less than two minutes. Nice! It helped that the committee shared my opinion that there is nothing really exciting or compelling out there in bulk holiday card land. So what did we choose? Custom.

I've commissioned a local artist (out of Laguna Beach) to do an oil painting reflecting the look and feel of Southern California in winter. We'll digitize it and produce the image as the cover print on the card. Once the cards are produced I will share photos and details (but not until after they go out).

By designing and printing our own cards (I'll be using Merrill Corp/Fine Arts for printing) we should save about $1800-$2500 over prior year purchases of stock cards. And, we'll own an original work for display in the office.

This was a fun and easy choice for all concerned and one you might consider for your firms.

(Note to Fine Arts webmaster: Lose the jumping frog intro page!!)
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