Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Building My Own Photo Library

Today was exciting! It was our first editorial photoshoot at the firm and I cannot say enough about the wonderful ways that my attorneys engaged in the process. Imagine this... for every attorney, male or female, the first stop before going in front of the camera was 10-15 minutes in the hands of a makeup artist! My folks were great troopers as they willingly participated (including, for men, LIPGLOSS!!!)

Well, I must say, the photo's are the best demonstration of their effort. I have only seen the initial galleries but WOW! I can say with confidence, "competitors, the heat of competition is going up!"

Of course, the day had its challenges, and here are a few points on what I discovered.
  • I started the day with 45 attorneys scheduled in hour long blocks. From the very first session it became obvious that I needed them to be "on call" instead just scheduled to show up at an appointed time. It is never a good thing to have high billable lawyers standing around cooling their heels.
  • Map out every photo. How many attorneys will be needed in the shot? What are the demographics that are needed (height, sex, age, demeanor, camera attitude, etc. )? What will the photo communicate?
  • Communicate often with the photographer about what is being shot. The more you talk the greater the opportunity for the photographer to bond with your objectives.
  • Acknowledge the feelings of uncertainty and selfconsciousness of the photo subjects. Attorneys are not professional models and need emotional support when the camera is clicking.
  • Encourage your photographer to take shots between shots. Some of my best photos today came at unexpected moments.
  • Have lots of props handy. Books, files, laptops, coffee cups, pens.... anything that might be in the hand of or around an attorney every day.
  • Have fun! Nothing communicates confidence and certainty more than the ability to laugh with others and enjoy the moment.
In a few days I will post a couple of the shots we took. You will be amazed!

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