Monday, November 07, 2005

Law Firm "Refresh" Progress Report

Rutan is on the move! It's no secret I am busy helping my new firm refresh the way they are viewed by their market. This is the fifth time I've traveled this road with different firms and companies... It is so much fun and it is so much challenge!

At Rutan web development got into full swing last week, stationery is headed to the printer, group meetings are scheduled with each of the practice groups to explain what is going on. AND, as hard as I fought for it, thankfully, staff meetings to get the troops rallied are on the calendar. The first meeting is only a week away.

It feels like when I get done with this rebranding I should be awarded a hut in the South Seas and typewriter to tell the tale! Creating look and feel, graphics, logos, content and messages is stuff I can do with my eyes closed. Trying to nudge a culture always takes me by surprise! But without a culture truthfully supporting the message... we got nothing.

Ideas and tips are always welcome!!!

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