Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reasons for an Internal Brand Campaign

There are some that wonder why it's important to conduct a marketing campaign from the inside out. Especially when a firm is reintroducing itself to the marketplace with a refreshed image, look, and feel. As I am in the midst of this journey with my new firm I am gathering some fantastic evidence to answer the "why".
  • In a firm made up of many attorneys only a few have the opportunity to have an active hand in the choices being made. But less involvement does not translate into less interest. If I did not already plan to meet with every attorney at section and group meetings to reveal the details and explain the business case, they would demand it. As owners of the firm they may not see this part of the process as "internal campaigning", but it is.
  • I had almost forgotten how quickly rumor becomes wild and weird. Within minutes of sending out an invitation to staff members for an all-staff luncheon about the new marketing initiatives I heard the first of what will be many rumors. This particular rumor was that the firm is adopting new colors that would also apply to dress codes for staff. AND, each section would be assigned their own color. (one section is convinced their color is pink)
  • "Refreshed" is different than "new". A valid misconception I hear is that the marketing changes mean a change in everything else routine and normal. The purpose of this particular image campaign is not to change a firm, but to bring a market (the external audience) perception in line with what the firm actually is. My hope is that my firm does not change, but in fact become more set in what they already do.
As I learn more I will share more. If you have already learned lessons of your own I welcome your knowledge.
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