Monday, January 16, 2006

What's in a Face

Over at Six-Figure Learnings Dave Opton offered his thoughts on the amount of attention given to creating corporate logos... His thought, based on reading a post at another location, was that "companies have more important stuff to be worried about than their logos -- like delivering a quality product and real customer service."

I would agree too if any of these three parts of an organization are out of whack because too much emphasis is paid to another, but logos are pretty important, and SHOULD be frustrated over.

A logo is a face. THE face of your company or firm. Just like looking at the face of a person, looking at a logo prompts internal, emotional choices. Based on color, lines, letters, words, and form we feel right-brain feelings. And we judge.

A logo can appear weak or strong, warm or cold, caring or indifferent; Just like the face of a person. A logo may be the only face of your company that customers might see. In the case of Kodak (from Dave's post) do any of us consumers know any other "face"?

If an element of your firm or company touches any part of your target audience, then that element requires diligent attention; Quality of product, the customer experience, AND the logo along with so many other marketing parts.
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