Sunday, January 15, 2006

Finding Common Ground for a Brand Launch

In the process of uncovering and sharing the heritage of our firm I am discovering that a shared history is breaking down current boundaries and tribalism. Could this be the magic wand of esprit de corps that I can wave?

As a marketer in the midst of brand launch having everyone rallied around a common flag is paramount (duh!). And, everyone is excited. But it is still a large group of people separated by floors, departments, issues, etc. Each persons base "identity" within the firm is definitely tied to unique sets of influences. A member of our Public Law practice sees the firm quite differently than a member of the Corporate practice. What these individuals say about the firm to an outsider can vary wildly.

Even with a new brand that all introduce at one time.... Each group within the firm will have their own story UNLESS, somehow, they are reunited as a firm. You know; all for one and one for all!

I sent out a photo of the founder's first offices (second floor space above a bank in Fullerton, CA circa 1906) and suddenly the firm was buzzing, talking, laughing, and sharing. Previously, in response to requests for old information about the firm that might be found people were talking to people across daily boundaries in hopes of helping the quest for roots.

I plan to continue sharing old photos and moments with everyone in the firm, and, to explore how our common history can foster unification.

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