Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm Being Watched...

Being a blawger and an active CMO at a law firm has its unsettling moments. Today I stopped by a partner's office to discuss client retention strategies and saw my blawg on his screen. First thought, "Uh-oh!"... Immediately followed by thinking, "Cool!"

Thinking about this further; Of course people at my firm read MarketingCatalyst from time to time. Some may even read it regularly. And that is good in a lot of ways. To name a few:
  • Being the newest mind contributing daily to firm strategies the availability of my thinking process and thoughts on law firm marketing can help build greater familiarity faster.
  • It will stimulate their thinking on marketing topics, maybe help to crystallize opinion, and promote new discussion.
  • It will lead them to other law firm marketing blogs and the thinking of others on this specific topic.
  • It will demonstrate my passion for my profession and the legal industry.
Since I like what I do and obviously like writing about what I know and what I learn I do hope that my blawg becomes an interactive opportunity for me with the members of my firm.

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