Friday, February 24, 2006

New Photos and New Personalities

There is a 25 year old woman attorney in my firm that came in front of the camera today (We did our second full day of headshot and editorial photography at the firm with several attorneys coming under the gaze of the camera lens). With children older than this particular attorney I was struck by her youth, and I wondered how someone so young could be believable when she says, "I am a litigator for Rutan & Tucker." My job today was to take a picture that would make her statement credible.

We took a lot of pictures using my favorite revealer of personality Raffi Alexander. We took pictures of the attorneys leaning against walls; arms crossed and serious; hands on hips and cocky; smiling; scowling; laughing; relaxing; sitting; thinking; talking; and looking like real people.... With personalities.

I know I talk a lot about photos and headshots on this blawg, but in the bigger picture, the graphic elements of what represents a firm is a huge part of the marketing process.

Again today I saw "people", not "lawyers" in the camera; The perfect image to put in front of prospects and clients. Character and personality is exactly what I want the world to see. Since clients are landed and kept on personal relationships it feels important that personality is revealed as soon as possible.

The 25 year old litigator that looks so young.... We now have pictures of a very determined, totally serious attorney looking quite capable and qualified. If you want to see that for yourself wait a few weeks. I'll share the ad.

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