Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Inside the Mind of a Law Firm CMO

Ever wonder what a law firm CMO is thinking? SO DO I! But I can express what this one is thinking on this day:
  • I have made every effort to make this brand roll-out effective. I pray it will stick.
  • Why don't they (the partners) have stronger faith (except of course that I am taking them into totally uncharted waters)?
  • Am I providing an interesting career learning experience for the people involved in what we are doing?
  • Can I keep all of the parts moving forward?
  • What will my peers think when everything is finally on the street? Will they laugh; sigh; wonder; extol; or blawg a thousand different opinions?
  • Why didn't I know about the different delicacies of engraving?
  • Why isn't my parking space closer to the door? Why don't I have a permanent parking space?
  • Can I hire a Hobbit to do nothing but keep track of the countless messages I need to respond to?
  • How will I help the "partner least likely to succeed as a rainmaker but determined to be one"?
  • Will the staff of the firm embrace or reject all of this change?
  • What are the last demographic figures on the ad campaign?
  • What do I do if?
Being a CMO is wonderful and complicated. I believe I know enough and yet the challenge constantly teaches me that enough is never enough. The beauty of working at a law firm is that everything is always in the air. Everything. There is no greater challenge. If you are a reader... stick with me.

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