Friday, March 03, 2006

Avoiding the Implied Promise

One of the golden rules of advertising for law firms is never making a forward looking statement that might mislead or promise a result. As the CMO at my firm I would imagine I am the person that needs to be kept in check with regard to this issue. You know... the excitement of being creative and going a little too far.

Today I received a wonderful surprise. One of the practice groups, in evaluating copy for their next ad, submitted edits that I had to reject for being too aggressive!

The reason that is a wonderful surprise is that they are excited enough about getting their message out, and confident enough of their capabilities that they were willing to make incredible claims in a public forum. Too bad I can't print their message with exactly their words.

On the back end though, these people are the exact product I want waiting for the next prospect who calls for help!

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