Saturday, March 04, 2006

Booth or Billboard?

I will come right out and say that I definitely do not understand law firms that have tradeshow style booths. They just make no sense.

First, who is the person from my firm who would stand at the booth? A lawyer? That's a terrible waste of $300-$500 an hour in legal talent. And, since first impressions mean so much, I am certain I do not want prospects see a "salesperson" instead of a "counselor".

Maybe someone from the marketing team could be at the booth. NOT! Now the prospect is greeted by someone with no legal knowledge and a singular skill for pushing collateral into their showbag and collecting business cards.

Plus, I believe law firms should act their status. Lawyers and firms are mentors and counsel to senior executives, leaders, and VIP's. People expect lawyers to be dignified and act with class. A booth reduces lawyers and firms to sideshow acts.

My answer to gaining the exposure advantage of large signage without a booth is banner stands. A banner stand is a portable 7 foot tall billboard that can mimic my advertising campaign. They can be placed near podiums, staged in hallways and reception areas, and require no personnel or collateral. They are also significantly less expense than the traditional 8'x10' popup booth. For my new brand program I've ordered three and will spend less than $3,000 (compared to $5K-$8K for one traditional popup).

If my campaign needs adjustment I can order replacement graphics for around $700 per stand.

99.9% of all large displays at conferences are tradeshow booths. When I have used banner stands in the past they've given me tremendous exposure just because they are unexpected, noticed, and appreciated by attendees based on post conference feedback from surveyed attendees.
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