Thursday, May 04, 2006

An Addition to the New Matter Questionnaire

As I wrote earlier I query partners on new business that arrives at the firm to understand all of the reasons that we take on new clients. Today I added a new question to the mix. Of course, there are many questions that could be asked, but any questionnaire NEEDS to be brief enough to expect that anyone will take the time to answer the questions. My query to the partners is now:
  • How did you get this work?
  • What was the referral source (if there was one)?
  • What is the business of the client?
  • What is the scope of their operations within California?
  • How comfortable are you to work with this client or on this matter?
  • Do you feel comfortable that this client/matter fits into your overall practice?
  • What is their potential for additional work? (NEW)
  • Would you feel comfortable talking with partners in other practice groups about exploring additional business issues the client might be facing?
  • Would you like to land more clients like this? Why?

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