Friday, June 23, 2006

Back to Big-Picture Planning

The most common reason offered for not planning is not knowing how to start. Then, knowing what to work on or what to work with. Here is a simple chart for creating your own beginning to strategic planning at a law firm. Notice that everything is in the biggest picture; Details are the quicksand that slowly kill strategic planning.

Now you might argue that without the details (tactics) there can be no plan. I would argue that details will come at the appropriate time. Use diligence in understanding how your markets and clients will change; and understand where the firm would like to go and let that be a guide for the path you choose to take. Once you know you NEED to get there the "how's" will pop right up.

The chart attached does not include everything and everyway to find out the what's and where's (click on chart to see larger image) . It is just a starter. Now start.
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