Monday, June 19, 2006

Small World Moments

Spend enough time in one market and slowly the lines connecting relationships gets tighter and tighter. I was talking with one attorney today who mentioned, "by the way, I live just down the street from Jim P. He said to say hello." I've know Jim P. for 10 years in a variety of relationship settings but would have never expected this attorney to have a connection to Jim P. But he does. Cool!

Then I hear through the media grapevine that Trindl R. has moved companies and is doing relationship development work in Orange County again. She was THE rockstar of business developers years ago and moved to another town for a great offer. Now she is back. So we're talking and she says, "Hey, isn't Adam V. a partner at your firm? He's married to a cousin of my husband." Weird. They had all just been at a family gathering a few weeks earlier.

In Southern California there are about what.... 15 cazillion people? As time goes on I am getting these kinds of sideways connections more and more. It feels wonderful! On the other hand... no matter where I go or what I do, somehow it will get back to my circle of relationships. Weird.

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