Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Narrow Sight or Tunnel Vision?

I was talking with a new friend today and mentioned that I had an active blog running (well... semi-active according to my recent posting irregularity) and her response was, "I just heard about blogging not too long ago. What is that all about?" Her comments started an interesting conversation; mostly me blathering on and on about all of the wonderful business and personal reasons that a blog is different from a "web site". Now that I think about it I hope I didn't leave the impression that bloggers are a bunch of long-winded techno-geeks wearing blinders to the rest of the non-blog world. In truth she represents a good example of being too immersed within the cocoon of our own marketing bubbles.

Here I am with my firm four months post brand rollout and all of our marketing engines are running at full speed. Feedback from a large portion of our existing audience is tremendously positive and everything says "impact" in a big way. But no matter how big our noise there are plenty of savvy, connected, and important people that may not have a clue about what we are doing. And the reason they have not seen anything yet is simply because they have no reason to see yet.

Until something impacts my 'yet to see me' audience (or blogging has a direct effect or anticipated direct effect) I need to keep remembering that there IS an audience I'd like to reach that does not know me... Yet.

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