Monday, June 19, 2006

Off-Site Meetings: Narrow the Bandwidth

This leadership article at HBS Working Knowledge discusses methods for helping off-site meetings to actually produce tangible results. Hmmmm. I have been to many partner and law firm retreats and they are no different than the off-site meetings of large corporations. They suffer from overstuffed agenda's, not enough time to focus, and too many competing priorities.

The main theme I gathered from the HBS article was that all good things will get their time... just not right now at this meeting. Instead meeting planners should work to narrow agenda's to only the most pressing issues that are effecting the bottom line/pipeline/future of the firm, right now.

I think one area of real advantage law firms have over corporations is higher levels of camaraderie among partners. And camaraderie is what can help firms get past the long lists of "gotta talk abouts" to a narrow list of "must solves". The higher level of trust in tighter organizations means that all know there is always more to do; they will be gotten to; just not right now.
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