Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fitting a Law Firm Brand to Individuals Lawyers

The question was asked, “How can an individual attorney communicate the firm brand AND communicate their special expertise and/or client focus?" Answer: Always state the message of the firm immediately followed by individual traits. It is the “My/I” statement.
  • Example: My firm is a full service business law firm and I specialize in handling bankruptcy cases for large banks.
  • Example: My firm specializes in representing insurance providers. I focus on litigating insurance fraud.
  • Example: My firm is the largest intellectual property firm in California and I specialize in helping consumer electronics manufacturers in protecting their products and ideas.
The value of belonging to a firm that provides expertise beyond one specific practice area is often the cache of the firm reputation – especially if the firm is large enough to have dominance in a defined region (local, national or international). If an attorney only states their individual practice they have passed up on a ton of credibility inherent in the reputation of their firm.

If you are a law firm marketer start teaching this simple messaging concept to your attorneys. If you are an attorney… start taking advantage of this incredible value proposition.

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