Friday, November 24, 2006

Is it a Blawg or is it Just Electronic Collateral

I came across a new blawg (law firm blog) on a link from the navigation bar of the same firm. It had two posts -- both posts were simply statements about why someone would want to use this particular firm. That's not a blawg. That's advertising (at least in my opinion). I don't like the idea of feeling like a blog snob, but where is the line.

I remember using clothes pins to attach baseball cards to my bicycle so that, when riding the bike, the cards would slap on the spokes of the wheels and make this really cool sound -- like the exhaust of a hot rod. Riding that bike and hearing the sound of those cards I felt like I was straddling the coolest Harley in the world. But that didn't make it a Harley. And of course anyone seeing me riding my very loud bike didn't see a kid on a Harley. They saw a kid on a bike.

Blogs have been around long enough that people know what a real one looks like. They're about opinions, daily life, learning, teaching, exploring... They're a journal peeking into a person. Simply spewing sales stuff onto something you call a blog does not make it one. Worst of all, do the whole sales thing and people know it right off. They see the cards in the spokes. Get it?

If you are such a firm, and you read this tiny rant, send me an email. I am happy to explain how you might turn that around.

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