Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When Your Law Firm Wants to Show Up

I am experiencing a double-edged phenomena -- I have more attorneys interested in going to networking events than I have events to send them to. I'd like to think it's because my efforts have had demonstrative effects... but that cannot be nearly what is going on. The truth I think is that over the past several months we have done such a effective job of promoting the opportunities as they come along that awareness is at an all time high. The attorneys are thinking about marketing and business development because we're not letting them forget.

For some all of the emails and office visits must feel like unchecked spam, and yet so many are knocking on my door asking for inclusion. It's a wonderful thing. But recently I am having to say, "No" to attorneys looking for inclusion -- not so wonderful. In a perfect world I could help create the perfect networking world for each and every attorney but budget and reality is something different.... I hope the phenomena continues, and I hope for more places for my attorneys to be visible.

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