Sunday, December 03, 2006

Working the Holiday Season for Your Law Firm

Tis the season to be -- networking! It is the perfect time of year to really reach out and get in the network. Unlike any other time of year so many people are out there at events that would not participate in other months. AND, everyone is in a great mood! What a perfect time to start new relationships. Here are some tips for helping your attorneys get into the holiday swing.
  • Find out which holiday events, receptions, and private parties are happening in your area. Some are listed on the Internet, some from invitations received and others you'll have to uncover. I send out an email to my referral network and ask what parties and events they are going to.
  • Do your best to uncover whom in the business community will be attending the different events. Often the elite of the business community will be in attendance.
  • Recruit attorneys to attend events that have attendees most helpful to their practices. I have found that junior partners and senior associates are most willing to jump at the opportunity.
  • Pick the events that you will attend. Between now and the 15th of December (this year) I have 12 evening events and 6 luncheons. Even though I am not a sales person at my firm I do believe that I can be a catalyst for creating new relationships, and as always, will carry the banner of the partnership.
  • Make sure that attorneys follow-up with any new people they meet. A note, a call... something.
  • Enjoy yourself! It's the holidays!

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