Monday, February 26, 2007

Getting a frank, complimentary photograph of an attorney is not always easy. Let's face it, very few people are comfortable in front of a camera, and attorneys in particular have a heightened awareness of "self". Heightened awareness of self is a wonderful quality of great lawyers, but just a bit tougher to capture in a photo. Here are my tips for capturing their quality's on film.
  • Treat your subjects like "talent", which they are. "Talent" is the Hollywood nickname for the people in front of the camera. "Talent" occupy a special place and, within reason, need to be catered to. The moment your attorney steps on the "set" take care of them. What do they need? What can be gotten for them? Do they feel like the most important person there?
  • Put your attorneys at ease by having them pose in difficult positions early. By pushing their natural feelings of discomfort to the edge early everything else feels easier.
  • Keep the camera clicking. Instruct your photographer to snap shots between "official" poses. The digital age makes it possible to capture dozens and hundreds of photos -- both construed and candid. Both have produced remarkable results.
  • Search for a photographer that can adjust on the fly. Some photographers are so focused on their art that they can only work in perfection. I like photographers with news and event experience -- they seem to be able to capture outstanding images in any setting with any subject.
  • Do not let the "talent" see the photos while they are being taken. It will add to their self-consciousness.
  • Use makeup. At a very minimum have some powder around to minimize "hot-spots" on their face or exposed skin areas.
  • Be fussy about their details. How is the jacket hanging. Where are their hands. Is there a scuff on their shoe or a weird drape in their trousers/dress. Fussing around "talent" continues to let them know they are important.
  • Have fun! They're nervous, you're nervous, everyone is nervous. Humor always has a place when nervous people are at work.
I have been getting incredible photos of my attorneys at every shoot. I hope the same for you.

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