Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why is Membership Low -- Revitalizing Professional Peer Associations

In this marketplace there are at least 1500 law firms. Of those 150 are based here and have 20 or more attorneys. Also among those 1500 are dozens of satellite offices for larger super-regional, national and international law firms. One might surmise that there might be more than a handful of law firm marketers, business developers, and marketing oriented lawyers in town. In fact, the membership in the local chapter of LMA is only 40 strong! Yup. 40.

I've known many of the local marketers for a long time, and I've known most of the board and LMA members (at least casually) for a few years. I know the local chapter is dedicated to doing a great job and regularly holds lunches to gather the legal marketing community together. But something has happened along the way and most of the community appears apathetic about mingling and learning with their peers. As a developer of relationship networks for so many other professionals I am disappointed by my apathy in building a peer network for myself. I even wrote about the importance of peer networks!

What I am going to do in the next several months, in addition to writing all things marketing, is share on this blog what we do and how we are doing as we try to rebuild the membership of the SoCal LMA. That's right... instead of just offering my opinion I have stepped up to help some really talented people get this thing done. Instead of just being a critic I hope to be a worker.

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