Friday, March 23, 2007

2007 LMA Confernence - Observations

The conference so far has been a great example of how to run a good conference. The content is overall pretty good and the schedule has a great pace. I especially like how much time the organizers scheduled for networking... The people and conversation are awesome. Some things that come to mind after most of today's activities are complete:
  • I can feel the presence of the higher percentage of seasoned marketers in the mix -- conversations are deeper and broader in all things marketing.
  • A comfortable number of the sessions focused on driving client-facing marketing and business development activities. Since my own marketing strategies at Rutan are happening in that ballpark right now the content is quite relevant.
  • As marketers we emphasize to attorneys the important role they can play as mentors and advisers to their clients. This year the session speakers spoke with confidence that marketers could fill that same role within their firms for individual attorneys. I think this speaks to the growing importance and value acknowledged to legal services marketing professionals.

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