Monday, March 26, 2007

Leadership Training for Attorneys and Law Firm Marketers

Have you ever been in a meeting or negotiation that stalls and accomplishes nothing at all? Have you ever wondered how you could be a better leader no matter the situation? While most of the sessions I attended at the 2007 LMA Conference in Atlanta were outstanding and useful, the most dramatic for me was the session called, "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way - Is That Any Way to Speak to Your MP?" led by ForStrategy Consulting principals Robert Fortunato and Mindy Danna.

While I do not wish to give away the punch in their presentation or surrender the techniques they use to achieve incredible results I have to say that their take on how to move people toward leadership is amazing! In the session they did a demonstration, on-stage, with random volunteers from the audience. It was astounding the way they used very simple demonstrations to reveal both leadership challenges and uncover individual capacities (of the volunteers) to deal with emotional situations.

I recommend that you take my course of action -- call ForStrategy and start a conversation that will definitely produce results for your firm. Leadership is a hard thing to teach. These folks have it figured out.

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