Friday, March 16, 2007

A Business Relationship Networking Cheat-Sheet for Lawyers

The hardest part of business relationship networking is the first step. "Now that I am here what do I do?" Here is a simple method for those people that enjoy having a "mission" in most things they do.

One - Make a list of each thing you want to accomplish at the event you are attending. The list might include:
  • Arrive by 5:30PM
  • Introduce myself to at least one person I do not know while in the registration line
  • Wear my name tag on my right lapel
  • Talk to at least one person I do not know while waiting in the bar line (alcohol consumption is optional)
  • Meet at least one other person and exchange business cards with the potential for a follow-up meal/meeting
Two - USE THE LIST. Take it out of your pocket every time you accomplish one more piece of the mission and check it off. Some things on the list are easy and happen on their own accord, but being able to check things off helps build our internal perception of momentum.

Three - Follow up the next day with anyone you met.

Simple, tactical, motivating -- All the right ingredients for a successful method of making the most of business networking opportunities

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