Monday, March 19, 2007

Clarity on "Loyalty"

Barbara Walters Price over at Marketing U (who keeps an excellent blog on professional services marketing) asked, "Can somebody help me? What does "we are loyal about our enemies" mean?" in reference to my recent post on client relationships. BTW, thank you Barbara for the positive comments on the commentary of that post.

Let me explain the statement with an example. I watch a lot of NASCAR and of course have a favorite driver (Jeff Gordon and any other car driving for Rick Hendricks). I also have drivers I villainize. In fact, I am so loyal to them as villains I can find evil even when they so something good. To be nice the villains will remain nameless.

"Loyalty" is a word that can swing both positive and negative. It simply points to a concerted dedication. So, when I say, "Loyalty only knows two extremes; We are loyal to our friends and we are loyal about our enemies. Everyone else does not matter" I am pointing at what we are dedicated to. Both tag our passion to act in belief.

I hope this brief explanation adds clarity.

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