Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Next Generation -- A Computer is an Accessory

I am posting via a new addition to the MC blogging family -- a quite friendly, suave in black Mac Book. Now I too can sit in Panera sipping coffee looking casually hip as I free-ride on their wifi signal.

An interesting conversation with my daughter in Italy. We were talking about computer bags for toting about my MacBook, and like a true trooper of the Millennial generation she commented that she almost exclusively keeps her Mac in a neoprene sleeve because the bags she carries (for art at college, or travel on weekends, or wherever she is going) is never about the computer. The bag is about what she is doing and if she takes her computer it rides along as an accessory. Imagine that -- her computer is an accessory, like carrying a pen or a camera.

For my generation (at least for all that I speak with) it's all ABOUT the computer. For her, it's just one way of many to accomplish tasks in front of her. She makes choices based on the moment in front of her using the variety of technology available like clothing in her closet.

Law firm marketers -- as the millennial generation enters our work force and become buyers of legal services are task will change significantly. They will expect that they can get information and make choices based on where they are and what accessory is most convenient to where they are in the moment. Can we deliver via text message, cell Internet, web page or social network?

It's just like its always been in marketing. Are we ready to adapt?

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