Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just Show Up Enough and the Results are Priceless

I went to a networking event this evening. I couldn't stay long so I did my fast-rounds thing. Interestingly enough, the organizer supplies custom names tags for members of the association but have failed to have one made for me even though I have been a member for a while. So, in a moment of silent rebellion I decided that I wasn't going to wear one of those hand-printed labels and just go sans name tag. If you read this blog often enough you know that I "show up" at a lot of events, ergo, I am known by many. Tonight I was pleased to discover how large my circle of relationships has become.

As I walked from conversation to handshake to conversation every cluster of people had at least one person that greeted me by name and provided introductions to others. At one group someone even joked, "Why would he need a name tag -- everyone knows Bruce!" Sweet!

It was a valuable reward for taking my own advise. Just get in the habit of showing up and the reward of good relationships will appear before you.

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